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Just do it! Neue Themen mutig akquirieren

Anyone who does not growstaysathis level, and at some point did is negative in his business in his personality noticeable. It is almost inevitable that you become a ” professional idiot “, someone who sees everything as a management problem because you are well versed in this field. Or it is a process problem, or … The broader we are looking at as consultants, the more valuable we are to our clients, and the sooner we are looking to a different perspective of the problems to be able to help.

just do itContinuous vigilance
forthiswehavetogrow continuously. That means we have to make life uncomfortable. The best way to do that is when everything goes well and almost by itself. Then it is time to tackle something we have not done before and courageously conquer new fields of activity for and for our clients. Four dimensions are available here:

1st type

The way we deliver our results is often practiced over years. This is called professionalism ! It works, we are sure what we do, know exactly what happens when and how to deal with which intermediate steps. The first step in the change is the shift to value- based fees . But even if this is successful, many consultants get stuck in their usual situation. Although the commitment is value-oriented, they are still the same. But now is the time to do it differently! Use your mind and ask yourself: Challenge yourself! Grow by delivering your results in a completely different way than before!

2nd region

So you travel to the Munich region? Why not make a commitment in Switzerland or in the Netherlands? Or even in the US or in China ?  We live in a globalized world and networking continues to grow! Make it uncomfortable and conquer completely new regions. They want to grow and become more valuable to their customers!

Wie kann ich die gleichen Ergebnisse und Mehrwerte – oder vielleicht noch mehr – liefern, dies jedoch in 50 Prozent der bisher dafür aufgewendeten Zeit?“ Oder: „Wenn ich mir beide Beine gebrochen hätte: Wie würde ich meine Arbeit organisieren, um dennoch einen hochzufriedenen Kunden zu haben?

3rd market

  • Are you familiar with the banking sector?
  • You know how people tick there and what the current topics are?
  • Do you feel comfortable in this environment because you know exactly how to advance which topics?

Then it’s time to change to technology, commerce or telecommunications!


  • Which industry is changing?
  • Where can you help?
  • You have no idea about the industry?



Do this to your advantage and develop perspectives you did not have before. This makes your customers all the more valuable.

4th topic

Are you a restructuring or management specialist? Then it’s time to start the project to redirect the distribution! You can see with your customer, where it burns! You have a razor-sharp mind, so use it! Design a model of the problem and how you can solve it. You do not need any best practices, prior knowledge or experience to yours

To offer customers tremendous value. What you need is your brains and courage. Grow in that direction as well as you will develop an incredibly valuable breadth and sovereignty to envy the other. Nothing more than a consultant who triggers a lawsuit, an organizational or otherwise stored problem. Let yourself be challenged in a mentoring and show the courage needed to open new fields of activity.

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See you soon Matthias Kolbusa

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