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Drivers Mentoring

Vom Tagelöhner zum Millionär. Der Intensivtag zum Top-Berater

One day – 15 principles! Let Matthias Kolbusa, one of the most successful German consultants, explain the 15 core principles of Million Dollar Consulting based on the insights of Alan Weiss and the contents of his 45 books of practical examples amusing but at the same time profound.

Matthias Kolbusa teaches you how to successfully position a consultant and not only shows you how to selectively generate new customer business or develop existing customers. No: There is no stop! You will see current call logs from customer deadlines (anonymized), follow-up emails for order initiation or concrete offers for different project types, which you can then use. See how value-based-fee concepts and authoring and speaker positioning make you a sought-after expert in your field.

You will then look at your business with completely different eyes and start to change it.

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Drivers Mentoring

Gratis Webinar

Erfolgs-Coach Matthias Kolbusa präsentiert

Drivers Mentoring

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Lernen Sie die 15 Kern-Prinzipien des Million-Dollar-Consultings basierend auf den Insights von Top-Beratungsguru Alan Weiss an praktischen Beispielen amüsant aber zugleich tiefgehend kennen.

What you take

  • The self-conception as a consultant - the decisive attitudes and self-conceptions
  • When things have to go fast: possibilities for quick order generation
  • Building Traction - How not you come to your customers, but your customers come to you
  • Develop yourself as a brand
  • To successful publications - from the newsletter to the article, blog and white paper on the book
  • Self-esteem - the power in the background
  • From the first contact to the relationship
  • Successfully conceive, market and carry out lectures
  • From first date to order - create successful offers and connect (80% -success rate)
  • Value Based Fees - away from daily rates to more customer value and profitability for you
  • Building Marketing Momentum - Key Elements of Continuous Customer Acquisition
  • Recommendations - how referral marketing really works in counseling
  • Existing customer development - getting out of the niche and delivering lasting added value
  • Fear of success - when it is suddenly not 2 or 3 but 10 projects to handle in parallel
  • Conduct consulting engagements without dodging them
  • Time Management for Consultants - Away from ToDo-Lists & Co.


290,00 € inkl. Mehrwertsteuer

The price includes meals on site.


  • 6.Nov.2017, Köln

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Workshop "Mentoring ala MK"

Workshop “Self Esteem”

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